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Sep. 6th, 2011

2 years

Fucking hell! Where did the last two years go since I was last on here?

I'm still well and truly living down south in London, and I love it.

Have been to plenty of gigs, plenty of awesome little hidey holes in wonderful places, met some hilarious people that seriously just crack me up, found love, then fell out of it haha opps, found my need for animals again.

I've come out of the other side of the Stockton crap a happier and more full person, and I cannot wait to come back for a week on Friday.

Oct. 28th, 2009


I've not been on here for an age and a half.

Whats new?

At 8.30am this morning a close friend of mine had her beautiful grey gelding put to sleep after a hellish 2 year fight with more problems that I care to think about.

Love to Tori and River, my heart is with you both

Mar. 27th, 2009


Well I'm still in London and quite frankly LOVING it a little to much.


Happy Days at long last

Feb. 21st, 2009

Last night

Well I actually managed to drag my self to Midian last night to see Deviant Uk, they were pretty damn awesome it has to be said.

For the first part of the night I felt really awkward and self concious but things picked up when Dean and Dave arrived and then even more so when Heather, Jodi, Linzi and her fella arrived, had a good giggle with them so apart from a minor incidient with someone, nothing happened. Thankfully!!

I'm pleased that I didn't go home when I was going to, so thanks for keeping me out you know who you are.

Was good to speak to a few people who I hadn't spoken to for over a year, and I THINK I managed to iron out a few difficulties so thats a bonus.

Can't believe how much I was shitting myself about going out now, I really can be a total sissy.

So all in all a good night, and for the person who really upset me in the beginning well I kept it together and didn't go off on one so I hope that proves things have changed, and a fantastic way to bring in my 19th!

It is unfortunatly the saddest birthday I've ever had to celebrate, I bloody hate goodbyes so much.

Katies down stairs cooking our birthday tea so lets hope I am still alive tomorrow to tell the tale, hehe.

Jan. 24th, 2009

New Ink


I have two new tattoos - I am happy happy happy!

I wanna dance now though so thats not so good as the one on my tummys sore as hell.

but yay! Dance!

Dec. 31st, 2008

happy new year

Well I for one will be bloody glad to say goodbye to 2008, its been a hell of a year. Before I retire to the local haunt (the penny black) lol I wanted to wish you all a happy new year & all the best for 2009 xxx

Dec. 10th, 2008

Goodbyes are gonna be so hard in feb

Well as many of you will know i'm 19 in feb 09, and with that comes some goodbyes to some of the people who have made an amazing difference in my life. So heres to them :

Catherine, for being the first person I learnt to trust properly, for the never ending laughs, the tears and for being an amazingly patient woman!

Catie, Chunk, Ste, Martin & Kev: You guys gave me so many amazing memories, so much fun, so much sadness but underneath all the drama I knew that fundamentally you cared, that was so important to me I can't even explain it.

Carole F: Wow! From the moment you under covered the real me, I knew someone had sent me an angel, you supported me, provided countless amounts encouragement, those words of advice that I so fiercley fought against in the early days, I pay those words no mind now.

Lou: Oh my god! You have constantly and consistently floored me, you have gone out of your way so many times, you've picked up the pieces and stuck me back together, you made me laugh even when I wanted to curl up and die. You really are one in a million.

Julie: The crazy one and only, ey? You were there for me from the start, you made me laugh so much yet underneath the laughter there is a very kind, compassionate, sensitive woman, one whom I will remember for many many years!

Jan & Angela: You two make me smile, enough said.

Darnell : Yo! Crazy dude! All I can really say about you is that I'm sure gonna miss yo crazy ass!

Allison D: You were the first person I told completely and even though things changed, never forget I enjoyed working with you, and I am sure that with your determination and hard work you will go so far. - See ya on mars kiddo!

John T: Well, we argued, we disagreed, we worked together, you introduced me to a whole new world and I cannot thank you enough for that, thanks dude!

John G: Oh jesus, where to start, I met you and hated you instantly, but with time my respect for you grew and I proud to have known you and your sometimes harsh guidance taught me alot!

Mark T: What can I say? We hit it off badly didn't we? Please remember that people change there ways and some good can come out of negative situations.

Marc M: Well, although we never had a nice word to say to each other, I wish you to know that I do not hate you, nor do I understand your decisions, but I have since paid your advice no mind. Thank you for letting me still speak to Lou, that was the best decision you ever made!

Jane H: An incredible woman in her own right, RESPECT!

Sara P: Thank you for being there when I was in the worst situation a woman can ever be in, you were an amazing support and a great ear. Safe Sex is the best sex!!

Mia T : Awww, your so little and sweet. You make me smile no end, go for your dreams girl!

Paul E: HAHA!!! What a nutter, those sessions were just bloody awesome! The info was spot on, the laughs were crazy, but the understanding was flooring!

Jebs: Aww. I miss you dude! Where are you now?!!! What a little crazy man, but so sweet at the same time!

Juliet: A savior, a listener, a caring soul if there ever was one, you helped me so much in those days when I could see no light, you let me talk and you listened, you are a truely amazing person, I'll never forget you, and if you are out there, get in touch!

Jill: I only saw you once but that session gave me the confidence to do it again!!

Jan: Yay! A fellow red head, your kind words and smile made no end of difference :)

Vicky W: A hell of a person, and a fanatastic manager, I wish you and the service the best, you have been an amazing team and one I am both honoured and humbled to have accessed!

Nyla S: Thanks for being my advisor!

Thank you to all the other workers I spoke with, you all made a difference and I am thankful that I have met you.

I love you all, unconditionally, my time with you all might have ended but the memories are forever engraved in my heart. hugs xox (expect Lou who can have a smile instead haha )

(no subject)

60 Questions People Dont Ask Survey from Quizopolis.com

When's the last time you ran? - On Sunday
Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them? - A few of them
What are you dreading right now? - That god damn meeting on Friday
Do you celebrate 420? - What!!
Do you get the full 8 hours of sleep a night? - A girl can dream
If anyone came to your house on your "lazy days" what would ya'll do? - be lazy and watch crap tele
Who last grabbed your ass? - Craig - he\'s a bad bad boy
Have you ever been on your school's track team? - Yeah!
Do you own a pair of Converse? - Aye
Did you copy and paste this survey? - No
Do you eat raw cookie dough? - Nope
Have you ever kicked a vending machine? - HA yeah last wed in college
Don't you hate it when the radio ruins good songs by playing them over and over? - No, if a songs good, its good.
Do you watch Trading Spaces? - no
How do you eat oreos? - Nope
Have you ever stayed online for a very long time waiting for someone? - When i was younger
Are you cocky? - I can be, but so can everyone else
Could you live without a computer? - Hell no!
Do you wear your shoes in the house? - In my own, yeah
Who or what sleeps with you? - The dogs and the boy
At what age did you find out that Santa wasn't real? - I think i was 6
How many phones, house phones and cell phones are in your house? - theres 3 cordless house phones and i dread to think how many mobiles
What do you do when you're sad? - Hide in my room
Who would you call first if you won the lottery? - My college tutor to tell her I quit, the Brook in Stockton to make a donation
Last time you saw your best friend? - About 30 seconds ago
Are you in high school? - No
What jewelry are you wearing? - My body piercing jewellery and my ring
Is anyone on your bad side now? - Plenty.
What's the first thing you do when you get online? - Check my e-mail
Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? - Nah
How do most people spell your name? - Millie
Would you wear a boy/girlfriends clothes? - Yeah all the time
Where do you work? - Wherver i\'m needed
What are you doing tomorrow? - Going to the doctors. erugh
Is Justin Timberlake becoming the next Michael Jackson? - God only knows
Favorite name for a girl? - Sara
Favorite name for a boy? - James
Will you keep your last name when you get married? - No
When was the last time you left your house? - at 4.30am
Do you return your cart? - Yea
Do you have a dishwasher? - Somewhere, god nos how you use it though
What noise do you hear? - \"I\'m coming out\" Diana ross
Would you survive in prison? - No
Who is the youngest in your family? - Me!
If all of your friends were going on a road trip, who would most likey overpack? - Katie by a country bloody mile
Do you know anyone with the same name as you? - A girl that was a few years older than me at school
What's the last thing you purchased? - Mascara
Do your siblings ever pay for stuff for you? - I don\'t have any
What brand are your pants right now? - Girl boxers from top shop
Ever been to Georgia (the state)? - Nah
What irritates you most on the internet? - Bloody pop ups!
What brand is your digital camera? - Nikon
Do you watch movies with your parents? - Hm..
What song best describes your life right now? - Funhouse by Pink
Do you own expensive perfume/cologne? - I wouldn\'t call it expensive but I have a few of the DKNY range
Are you taking college classes right now? - Aye
Do you like sushi? - errrlack no
Do you get your hair cut every month? - haha no
Do you go online everyday? - Yea
Will you pass this survey on to 5 people? - Nah

Unique things about you Survey from Quizopolis.com

Your name? - Millie
Top three Bands: - I don\'t really like bands but artists, Christina, Pink and Beyonce
What is your favorite saying? - \"Craig, shut up and drive!\"
How coordinated are you? - Sort of
What annoyes you the most about a person? - SKIVERS
Do you have trust issues? - Plenty
If you where on an island, name one person you would take. -
If the person that you like/love asked you to marry them right now, money not and object and no age limit for marriage, you would say: - YES!
Would you rather always be wrong or hit every red light for the rest of your life? - hit every red light
What is the worst injury you've ever had? - Shattered collarbone
Would you die for someone? If so, who? - I\'d die for each and everyone of my friends, for with out them I would have nothing
Name something wrong that happened today: - I fell down the stairs - again
Do you think your friends gossip behind your back? - Nope
Do you think you have OCD? - Possibly
Your favorite thing to do when you're alone: - Wouldn\'t you like to know, just kidding. Probably write

Emilys Survey from Quizopolis.com

what is a word you use all the time? - \"Fuckers\"
who do you care about the most? - My friends, they are my life
what are your hobbies? - Music, Riding, Dance, Writing
do you play sport? if so what sports do you play? - It\'s not playing but Atheletics and Horse Riding
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? - Yeah
if so how much do they meen to you? - The world
if a hot guy/girl asked you out would you dump your boyfriend/girlfriend for him/her? - No.
do you think this quiz is gay? - Kinda
do you put friends before guys/girls? - Yup
do you have any siblings? - No
if so are you the eldest/middle or youngest? -
have you ever liked anyone much younger than you? - A lass that was a year younger
have you ever liked anyone much older than you? - Yeah, well the boy is 23 now.
are you a frigit? (never kissed anyone) - nah
what is your dream date location? - No idea

Nov. 28th, 2008

So stressed out

Gah, I'm so stressed out at the moment.

I'm probably just being overly emotional 'cause of everything thats gone on in the past few months but I hate it.

I was in college this morning and I just lost it.

Theres two students on my course who are never there at all, maybe 1 day a week at the most. One of thems had 6 ear infections, a sprained wrist, a cracked rib and 2 broken toes in 10 weeks - it's bullshit!

My tutor was like "i'll have a word" so I flipped, I said "it's not fair on the people who work their arses off every day to pass these modules that people are allowed to repeatedly skive for no reason whatsoever" With that I walked out,

My tutor rang me and was like "i'm sorry your so upset but theres nothing i can do".. Hmm.. It's called disaplianary procedures, yano, any other tutor in the college would have kicked them out but no.

Considering my circumstance, I'm well ahead with my assignments (thank fuck for insommnia!), I'm there when I've agreed that its feasable for me to be there, I particpate in class. BUT DO THEY? NO!

It's bloody pathetic, everyones got issues but everyone else manages to get there arses to college and work hard.


Nov. 22nd, 2008



It's amazing how much the simple things in life make me smile so much.

But right now, I'm going to go curl up on the sofa and watch X Factor. Lol.

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